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Why We Are different form other gold buyers in delhi NCR

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Gold, due to its value, has been sought as a major commodity to invest in for a long time. But, to get the best return from this investment is always been a matter of trust and timing. Easy Cash for Your Gold is the best and most trusted professional gold Buyer in Delhi-NCR. We provide the best value for your gold and also maintain high standards and transparency while doing so.

We are available at all the major locations in Delhi-NCR that includes Gurgaon, Noida, Indirapuram and Ghaziabad. We buy gold in all forms that range from jewellery, coins, bars, bullions, etc. We accept the damaged, scrap, or broken gold items and ensure that you get the best value. We provide you with all the necessary information about your valuables like gold or any other precious metal you wish to sell we evaluate the market value to come to a more accurate price estimate for your valuables. Our experienced professionals study the market and we buy gold silver and diamond jewelry according to the current market price. We take care of any paperwork to provide you with a hassle-free experience.

Get the Most for Your Gold

People keep their wealth in the form of gold instead of holding a large amount of cash. For investment purposes, the precious metal like gold is always in demand as it offers high liquidity. Mostly gold is forgotten and just lie around the house. We at Easy Cash for Your Gold give you the best value for your gold in your time of need here in Delhi-NCR. Unlike other gold traders, we offer you a spot model of payment like Cash, Cheque, NEFT, RTGS.

Sell Gold without Bill

Inherited or got gold as a gift and no receipt, no need to worry. We at Easy Cash for Your Gold is the best and reliable place to trade gold in Delhi-NCR. For such cases, we accept your gold items without the original bill to authenticate your purchase. Our team of experienced and trained experts use advanced methods to verify the quality of gold and offers the best price.

Get Maximum Value of Your Gold‎

For the customers, we provide a safe and secure environment for all gold transactions. Your gold is safe with us as our trusted evaluating process is transparent and organized to build and maintain customers’ trust. The value of your gold can be transferred to you via your desired method.

Release Your Pledged Gold As Well As Home Visit Facility

Our services are not only limited to the buy gold, but we also offer to release your pledged gold jewellery . Due to certain circumstances, many people may choose to pledge gold for cash but often struggle to repay the amount in time. Easy Cash for Your Gold is a recognized and trusted gold trader that provides you with immediate cash to release your pledged gold jewellery. we make the process as simple for the customers to release pledged gold from NBFCs/Banks/Pawn Brokers, etc. Our hassle-free procedure will help you get the best value

What We Buy

We Buy All King of Gold, Silver, Diamond Jewellery Items and Ornaments.

Get Cash For Gold

Gold is a safe and secure investment that helps people to protect their savings at the time of inflation. As a safe asset, people have included gold in their investment portfolios. Easy Cash for Gold helps them get instant cash for gold in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Indirapuram, and Ghaziabad. We accept scrap, old and without bill gold in any size, design, and specification. We pay you the highest value for your gold and practice a high level of professionalism. Our team checks for the purity and weight of gold before estimating its worth.

Our team of experts guides and involves customers in every step of the gold trading process. We explain the entire procedure like how the price is calculated to our customers. We keep our customers informed about the prevailing or current market price to maintain fairness and transparency in transactions. Unlike other buyers, we maintain confidentiality and make your payment instantly.

Our experienced team is available to share relevant knowledge and guidance at your dispersal 24x7. You can also avail of our home visit service to sell your gold. Our trusted agents will verify and payout the best value of your gold in the comfort or your home.

Cash For Silver

Silver is the most affordable investment and is regarded as an alternative investment in the form of jewellery or billions. Easy Cash for Your Gold offers you the best value for instant cash for silver in Delhi NCR. We understand your need for cash to meet the financial requirements to other unexpected situations.

With our experienced team, we try to provide you with the highest possible price for your valuables. The price of silver is highly volatile and also fluctuates frequently compared to that of gold. Our silver expertise helps us in evaluating the market conditions to offer you the best price of the respective items to our customers.

We at Easy Cash for Your Gold accept all silver items including ornaments, utensils, trophies, medals, anklets, cutlery sets, tray and many others. You can sell silver for cash even if it's scrap, broken or damaged. Our skilled and experienced team conducts an assessment of purity and offer the best price for your articles based upon the purity of the precious metal.

Being the most reliable silver buyer in Delhi-NCR, we ensure that each transaction is transparent, safe and genuine.

Cash for Diamonds

Easy Cash for Your Gold is one of the most trusted and recognized diamond buyers in Delhi NCR. Our outlets are available in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Indirapuram and Ghaziabad. Get cash for diamond and diamond jewellery to avail the best diamond selling experience with us. Unlike other sellers, we make our customers familiar with the entire procedure including the evaluation of the diamond.

The evaluation of the diamond depends upon the factors like carat weight, color, cut, and clarity. Hence, we make payments based on these factors and the current market price. We are different from our competitors because we aspire to fully satisfy our customers to give the best value for your diamonds. Our experienced team offers qualitative services to help you in selling the most expensive stone—diamond at the best price.

The guidance offered by our experts will help you in making the right and fruitful choice. The payment can be made through multiple secured payment options as per the ease of the customers.


What Clients Says
About Us

Here are what just a few of them had to say:

“Really liked the service, Ms Mamta was really helpful and she explained everything very clearly. Quick checking and transaction was also smooth and fast.”

Mr. Sagar

“In my opinion, the best place to sell gold jewelry for cash is definitely it's simple, easy, and fast to go through without any hassles. They provide a reasonable offer that you can't deny. I am very pleased with my transaction, and I would definitely go there again. ”

Ms. Kajal

“If you are looking for how to sell gold jewelry for cash, then I would highly recommend you going to EFG! I recently went there and had a wonderful experience. The company is very professional in handling everything and gives you the best price for your gold. A must visit!”

Mr. Malik

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We at Easy Cash for Your Gold remove the gemstones carefully and offer the best value for them. The value of the gemstones may vary; say for example in case of diamonds the price per carat can increase as per the grading of the gemstone

It depends on the customers to continue or decline the offer. Our certified experts conduct the evaluation and testing procedure to determine the quality, purity, and quantity of gold.

Any person aged 21 years and above is eligible to buy or sell gold. If an individual is selling gold then he/she should provide PAN CARD/ other Identity and Address proof for verification purposes.

NO. We will not be able to re-sell the asset purchased as we immediately send it for processing and purification..

Best place To Sell Your Gold
Get Maximum Value Of Your Gold‎

Get Maximum Value Of Your Gold‎

Easy Cash for Your Gold is a team of trained and certified jewellery experts with years of experience in the field of buying/selling gold, silver, or diamond jewellery. Our professionals use accurate gold testing machines to provide the right information about gold purity and quality. We have customer-friendly policies that are designed to ensure fair practices, build and maintain trust with our loyal/best customers. We are customer-oriented and serve every customer with passion.

We Buy Scrap Gold, Silver & Diamond Jewellery At Best Rate‎

Easy Cash for Your Gold’s standardized, accurate, and transparent testing or evaluation process is well-trusted than any other gold jewellery buyers in Delhi. Unlike other second-hand gold buyers in Delhi, we buy gold, silver, and diamonds in any quantity and form. We also accept gold acquired through inheritance or gift for which you don’t have any bill or proof of purchase. Our energetic team of experts and customer care executive is always ready to help you 24x7. We evaluate your valuables and offer the best deal based on the current market price. Today, lenders charge a high rate of interest for your gold. Hence, a lot of customers are choosing cash against gold services.

Looking For Where To Sell Gold Near Me in Delhi

Through our services, we establish a relationship with trust and transparency with our customers. We use our customer’s feedback and suggestion to improve our services. We serve our customers with 100 percent honesty, openness, and fairness. You can contact or visit us at our outlets in Delhi-NCR as per your comfort 7 days a week.

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Easy Cash for Your Gold Advantage for You

Our mission is to provide the best value without compromising with the standards for your precious metal jewellery and products made wholly or partially from them. At Easy Cash for Your Gold, we convert your valuables like gold, silver and diamond in any form and quantity into a liquid asset like cash. We also accept the old, broken or scrap gold and other precious metal jewellery at our outlets and help our customers in earning good money or investment return from their old jewellery.

Get Cash For Gold In Delhi We Are Only True Gold Buyer

Our strategy is to maintain transparency by engaging customers at every stage of the buying/selling procedure. We provide our customers with all the necessary and updated information about their valuables. Let’s check the main benefits that our customers will experience when he/she is considering our services.

1. We maintain quality by using advanced Jewellery Testing Machines to verify the quality and quantity of the gold or any other precious metal

2. Our outlets are present at all the major locations in Delhi-NCR that include Gurgaon, Noida, Indirapuram, and Ghaziabad. You can visit our nearest outlet to explore the services offered by us.

3. We have a team of certified and experienced jewellery experts available 24x7 to guide and assist you with our procedure of buying or selling valuables.

4. We maintain fairness, accuracy, and transparency in transactions.

5. Easy Cash for Your Gold is the most trusted professional Gold Jewellery Buyers in Delhi offering the best and highest payment for your valuables.

6. Apart from cash, we also offer cashless transaction facility such as Cheque / NEFT / RTGS.

We Release Pledged Gold

Our Assurance to You - We Release Pledged Gold

1. Easy Cash for Your Gold certified jewellers evaluate and make an accurate payment for the exchanged assets

2. We never compromise on the quality of our services and all our outlets are offering the benefits customers seek.

3. We provide fast, convenient and excellent customer services to address any kind of queries.

4. We keep all information supplied by the customers in the process of buying/selling safe and secure.

5. To maintain transparency, we have deployed advanced surveillance systems

6. We have appointed dedicated staff to support our monitoring functions.

7. We also organize the after-sales survey and collect feedback to measure customer experience and improve our services accordingly.

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