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Is investing in silver equally valuable as gold

05 Dec, 2020
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Is investing in silver equally valuable as gold, a pertinent question which every jewellery wants to be answered before going for an ornament. There are many reasons, such as the re-sellable value of that ornament, how precious is the more affordable metal, and many more.

But, the biggest concern remains about its reselling values in the case of both metals, especially in the case of silver.

First of all, we should agree to the fact investing in silver is as worthy as in gold. This may look a dissimilar and contrasting comparison when we compare the prices of both metals.

Here are some facts that will help measure the difference between these two metals-

  • Silver and gold, are precious metals as their occurrence in the earth are rare.
  • Silver and gold are extracted in the ration of 15:1. This ration comprehensively tells about the supply availability which in turn impacts the prices.
  • The ratio can be further understood as every 250 grams of silver is extracted for every 1 ounce or 28 grams of gold.
  • Gold has more illumination and thus preferred more for jewellery making.
  • On the other hand, Silver is less preferred for ornaments and is widely used in industrial applications.

Moreover, this article outlines three major differences between silver and gold with the objective of investment-

Price of Silver Fluctuates More than Often-

The price of silver is more volatile when compared to gold. You can understand this in a better way as- the overall supply of new silver metal every year is around 1 billion ounces. The annual supply of gold is near 120 million ounces.

You can measure the difference between supplies of both precious metals and that is huge. Surely, this would influence if you want cash for silver.

This indicates the silver market is 8X bigger than gold, but here is a twist. This is all because of the massive difference between their prices. The lower price of silver makes the worth of the annual supply much smaller than that of gold.

At current prices, the annual supply of gold is around 9X bigger than silver. If you are going to make your decision to sell silver for cash in Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, then wait, there are more on the way.

HSilver is more affordable-

This seems like an obvious statement, but the reason its important is that silver has many similarities with gold

This is no more hidden information than silver is more affordable, but how?

Even at lower prices, silver shares many similarities with gold. For instance, if you buy silver physically i.e. without certificates, ETFs, or futures contracts, you can bank on the same benefits that gold proffers.

People are aware of silver advantage over gold, and it is also obvious that one can have all the benefits of gold at a much lower rate. Since silver is more affordable and acts as better financial insurance, it is called the poor mans gold.

Also, selling silver is easier and you can easily find where to sell silver near me. Apart from financial insurance, it is more apt for gifting.

So, it is clear and visible that silver is an ideal instrument for investing if you have a limited budget. Not only this, but it can also deal with futuristic small financial needs. Gold is a better investment when you have a bigger budget.

Stockpiles of Silver are Falling, Golds are Rising-

When it comes to silver and gold, you cannot avert the involvement of government and financial institutions.

Stockpiles of silver are falling, but gold is rising but the difference won't have an immediate impact on the investor. Though It can produce big consequences in certain circumstances later on.

Today, governments and other institutions have no longer have stockpiles of the metal. The only countries that have stockpiles of silver are India, the US, and Mexico.

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