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How to Use Silver jewelry for Emergency Cash?

11 Nov, 2020
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Since ancient times, Indian's have considered jewelry as an investment option. Whenever in dire need of cash, people monetize their jewelry either gold or silver. The Indian markets offer various options to buy and sell ornaments. People often turn to jewel smith or some craftsmen. They often take advantage of the situation and deduct a huge amount in the name of wastage charge, melting charge and so on. The price quoted by them is not worth to the customers. Hence, you must go some trusted buyer to get the best prices.

In times of need, you can also sell your silver jewelry to the trusted silver buyers. They will offer you the best price as per the market standards. Hence, if you are planning to sell your silver jewelry, follow these tips to be successful:

1. How to Find Trusted Silver Buyers?

If you are looking to sell your silver jewelry, look for the stores who will pay cash for silver. Don't go for the small craftsmen as they might dupe you of the prices. Also, look for the stores that buy gold & silver. Such stores will accept silver as well.

In case you have a favorite and trusted silver jeweler ask them; they may also buy your unwanted or unused silver and gold jewelry to offer you good cash.If you stay in Noida, look for the stores that will pay cash for silver in Noida.

2. Characteristics to Focus While Selling Silver for Cash

While selling silver for cash you must note down the following points:

  • Silver comes in different alloys. Pure silver that is usually marked'999' contains 99.9% silver.
  • Silver jewellery is made from an alloy such as sterling silver. Silver is usually a very soft metal and so it is mixed with some other metal to make it harder and wearable.
  • Sterling silver has 92.5% silver and hence is marked 925 in the jewellery piece.
  • Some other markings include '800' for 80% silver and '500' for 50% of silver.
  • Buyers are rarely interested to buy silver-plated pieces.

How to Get Cash for Silver Jewelry in Noida?

Before attempting to sell off your silver jewellery in Noida, know it's general value in the market. Check out the market price of silver before selling it.

This informationwill be quite useful for negotiating over the sale price.To get the best price over the deals weighs your silver jewellery before leaving home. Then calculate the approximate worth by using the current value of silver.

Look for Trusted Silver Buying Company in Delhi NCR

Silver is a valuable commodity that is traded at all exchanges over the world. The prices of the silver commodity are subject to changes like any other commodity or equity that is traded in the exchanges.

A major role in the determination of silver prices all over the world is done by the London Stock & New York Stock Exchange.We are a trusted silver buying company in Delhi NCR and our prices are based on the international markets as well as local markets.

How Can You Sell Your Silver Jewelry?

Before you sell your silver jewelry for cash make sure you have calculated the estimated amount that you will receive. Prices will differ from items to items. Such as Silver necklaces might fetch you more cash than silver rings and bracelets. It also depends on the age, quality and style. If you want to sell your silver jewelry online take highly magnified pictures that show every detail.

Key Points to be Noted Before Selling Your Silver Jewelry for Cash

  • Retain all the Documents of your Ornament
  • Look out for all the Options before selling
  • Compare Prices of different buyers
  • Look for flexible and credible payment options


Selling of silver for cash is a very feasible option if someone requires emergency cash. For this need to confirm the quality of gold and then calculate its price. Then lookout for the best silver buyer company in Delhi NCR and approach them. they will pay you the requisite amount as per the market standards.