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The Ultimate Deal On Get Rich by Selling Gold During Covid-19

22 Jan, 2022
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Since the beginning, Indians have been using gold as a way to invest for centuries. Therefore, trading in gold can be a widespread practice throughout the country, and which people are inclined to convert into cash.

Indian markets provide a variety of options to purchase and sell ornaments. However, when you are looking for the best way to sell gold coins, you get about 60% to 65% of the gold’s value that may not be in your best profitable interest.

Selling Gold for Cash Worth It! Here’s why:

Let us look at some of the most prominent tips while selling gold to get richer. Remember - your gold is worth more than you think, any time of day. So, selling gold during Covid-19 may prove the right time to sell gold and get rich.

The age of the gold

Jewellery is a trend-driven business. Some designs are classic that last for decades, while others last only a few weeks. The jewellery that have come from lineage that are no longer in fashion can't be sold at the premium price. Likewise, some styles are in such a state of fashion that the jewellery's sole value is its intrinsic value. The other option is that the item may be old-fashioned. Antique jewellery is extremely sought-after and could require a special choice to sell. Finding out if your piece of jewellery is simply outdated and not in style or is an antique could mean that the distinction could be hundreds perhaps even several thousand rupees.

The condition of gold

The condition of the jewellery is a key element of the value that you receive for your jewellery. Broken or damaged jewellery may frequently justify the cost of restoration. But most times, damaged jewellery is valued solely by its value.

Repairing jewellery often is not logical. Repairing your jewellery is a subject that you should carry out on your own. You should let the blacksmith handle it or else it will result in you spending an enormous amount of money.

The worn-out jewellery can reduce its value. It's a challenging repair to revive an item of jewellery. The majority of worn-out jewellery is valued based on its true value.

Thus, having so little cash on the sale of gold can lead to disappointment if you do not do your research before selling gold.

Invoice or bill

An authentic seller always requires you to present the original bill when looking to sell gold in Delhi. This can help avoid conflicts of interest since the authenticity of the jewellery is explicitly stated in the invoice, which means that it is impossible for jewellers to deny any information since everything that is about the purchased gold is specified in the invoice.

Verify the purity of your gold

Ensure that your ornaments have proper hallmarks. If your jewellery has 916 as a hallmark, then you can be sure that the gold you purchased contains 91.6 percent gold. The other jewellery is amalgamated to make ornaments from it. If the gold is not hallmarked, untrustworthy jewellers can alter it to make it appear less pure.

Check the Final Gold Price

Jewellers can use a variety of methods for determining the purity of gold. While some use acid, a few use electrical conductivity tests or the XRF tests. On the contrary, some jewellers melt ornaments and then filter the gold to check the weight and purity.

Sell the gold

The best option for selling your gold jewellery is to head to a trustworthy place who has the most knowledgeable skill set, necessary instruments to check the weight of the gold, and correct advice on the time to sell the gold.


If you sell gold within three years of the purchase date, consider it short-term. Capital gains from short-term sales add to your earnings and you have to pay the tax as in accordance with your income tax bracket. Gold sold after 3 years comes under long-term capital gains. Long-term capital gains are subject to tax at 20% following providing an indexation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to a few quick questions.

1. Should you trade in gold with a seller who does not have a receipt?

Even though some jewellery stores and companies accept gold without the need for original copies of the receipt for purchase, genuine dealers will inevitably request that you present the receipt. Or else, they will have a strong instrument that will check the purity of your gold without much of a hassle. This avoids doubts and verifies the purity and authenticity of gold.

2. What are the best ways to follow when selling the gold market in India?

Start with the basics. Start collecting the bills (original copies, if you have). Analyse the trend in gold and decide what you'd like to offer (jewellery bars, coins, or bars).

3. Where can you trade physical gold India?

It is possible to sell gold in Delhi in physical form (gold coins, bars and jewellery) to a jewellery store or an approved gold reseller/recycler, cash for gold or retail shops. Always conduct thorough research with respect to the gold market and its value prior to selling it in India.

4. Do you have a common invoice pattern that is used for gold from India?

There isn't one design that is identical to the other. Therefore, the cost of gold in physical form can vary between jewellers.

Documents Required for Selling Gold in

If you're looking for the best way to sell gold coins or bars, you will need the following mandatory documents.

  • The original ID document. For instance, you may need an Aadhar card or PAN card.
  • Valid proof of address.

Why should you choose us for Sell Gold?

We are the most trusted Gold Buyer which offers a safe and transparent process of purchasing your gold jewellery. If you're trying to sell the gold you have, we are a good option because of the following reasons.

1. Modern Scientific Methods.

We are use of the latest scientific techniques to measure the purity, weight, and value of gold. Karatmeter, a German instrument, determines the weight and purity of the gold accurately.

3. Melting the Gold

When compared with traditional gold buyers who are unorganised, we uses superior crucibles that don't let any gold particles remain inside after melting.

4. Ease of Transaction

When selling the gold, the reliable team explains the whole process before even touching the gold. This lets you decide whether to go ahead in selling or preserving your gold for a longer time.

Selling gold is one of the best and the quickest ways to get richer. But, your gold is worth more than you think. So, when selling the most respectable and prominent metal of our country, visit www.easycashforyourgold.com. The customer satisfaction team will be at your service at any time of the day and you could definitely say that selling gold for cash is worth it!