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Choose The Right Gold Colour for Your Special Occasion

19 May, 2022
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Indians have always treasured gold for its radiance and beauty. For most special occasions, it is customary for people to wear gold. However, like many others, you might find yourself stuck between the yellow and white gold and confused about making a choice. While the choice of colour primarily depends on the latest trend and personal taste, we’ll help you explore further what sets these two apart, the pros and cons of each to help you make the right choice.

What makes the yellow and white gold different?

#1. Colour :- The most obvious difference that we can notice between white and yellow gold is their colour. The colour is derived from the mixture of metals used to create it. White gold has been more popular than yellow gold and considered trendy. However, people’s obsession with the latter is to stay, and it’s never out of style. Yellow gold is deemed to be traditional – the moment you think of gold, you see an image of yellow gold. White gold is an excellent alternative to silver and is preferred by many because of its silvery¬ white sheen and clean aesthetic. In any financial crunch situation or when seeking urgent cash, you can check for options if you want to sell gold at the best rate to fulfil such ardent needs. When such a situation arrives, both categories of colour schemes fetch you a genuine reward.

#2. Attributes :- Yellow gold is typically created using metals like silver, copper and zinc. Most people think that white gold is white in its pure form, which is not correct because it is made from gold with a natural tinge of yellow. White gold combines gold with white base metals like nickel, palladium, silver and sometimes zinc. The quantity of the metal added will determine its final colour and the karat rating. It will thus decide its value as well. While you explore ‘who buys gold near my location,’ you will come across various brands. Go for the reputed buyers if you are willing to get cash for gold, no matter its attribute, to fulfil your urgent financial needs.

Also, the property of white gold can vary significantly depending on the metal used. The finished product will have a yellowish tint, so white gold is plated with rhodium to give it its white colour. In both white and yellow gold, one thing to be careful of is the nickel component. Nickel is harmful to those with sensitivities, including nickel allergies.

#3 Durability & Maintenance :- With expensive items like gold, the first thing we consider while buying is its durability. White gold has a slight edge on this parameter because of the addition of nickel and other strong metal alloys. Also, the rhodium plating added for luster provides an extra layer of protection from scratches and dents. Yellow gold is a soft metal. The higher the gold karat, the more quickly it will get scratched. When it comes to maintenance, the upkeep of yellow gold is less expensive than white gold since it just needs to be polished and cleaned.

With white gold, the rhodium plating will eventually wear off, causing discoloration, thus exposing the original yellowish tint of the white gold. Therefore, it too requires regular polishing. It’s an inexpensive process but takes effort. The only disadvantage here is that a small amount of metal is lost with each polish.

#4 Price :- There’s not much price¬ difference between the white and yellow gold if they have the same Karat weight. However, white gold can be slightly more expensive than yellow gold because of the manufacturing process it undergoes while being mixed and coated.

#5 Resale Value In India,:- we have always used gold as an investment option and selling gold is a widespread practice. This way, people tend to convert this asset into money. Whether it’s gold or any other precious metal, the value of these items is definitely appreciated with time. Any item with a higher gold percentage will always have a higher value. In the case of white gold, the resale value remains high, too, because gold can be melted and refashioned to make new articles.

You can contact a jewellery store or an accredited gold re-seller/re-cycler to know the right gold price. Go to the reputed brands for gold and even silver resale for cash. If you explore options where to get cash for silver besides gold, you will indeed find us at the forefront. It all has happened due to the trust and loyalty of our countless customer base.

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Which one goes well with my skin tone?

Due to its unique, classic and warm glow, yellow gold usually complements warm and dark-toned skin, while the neutral white one goes well with all skin tones. Both are timeless colours and will never really go out of fashion.

In conclusion, it’s purely a personal preference on whether you choose white or yellow gold depending on what you feel looks best on you. But as you have seen above, these two metals are very similar in almost all respects.

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